3m Stereo Jack Cable 3.5mm Male to Male

3m Stereo Jack Cable 3.5mm Male to Male
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Brand:  Smooth Link

3m Audio Stereo Cable 3.5mm Jacks Male/Male

3m stereo cable ideal for connecting two pieces of audio equipment that have 3.5mm output on one and 3.5mm input on the other. Compatible with most mobile phones, iPhone, iPod and iPad models, along with any other audio device with a 3.5mm jack plug.

What are 3.5mm jack cables used for?

This 3.5mm Jack cable carries Stereo sound across a variety of audio devices. It is a highly versatile cable and commonly used when connecting audio equipment to smartphones and MP3 players, tablets, computers, TV’s and gaming consoles. It is also used in many in-car audio and DJ audio systems.