Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 Laptop Charger and Power Cable 130 Watt 19.5V=6.7A

Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 Laptop Charger and Power Cable 130 Watt 19.5V=6.7A
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Brand:  Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron 14R (5420) Laptop Power Adapter 19V = 6.7A

The 130-Watt AC Adapter from Dell is specially designed to meet the power needs of your Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 laptop. Packed with of 130-Watt power, this adapter enables you to simultaneously operate your system and charge its battery from electrical power outlets. It comes bundled with 6 ft power cord

Key points of this Dell 130 watt charger

UK supplier with UK stock

Free mains power cable plug

12 months warranty as standard

Genuine original dell laptop charger

Next day delivery on orders before 3pm


Genuine Dell 130 watt ac adapter specification 

AC Adapter Power: 130 Watt

Power output: 19.5V , 6.7A

Power input: 100-240V 

Tip pin size / connector: 7.4 x 5mm Barrel

*UK 3 Pin Power Cable Included

1 Year Warranty

*This Genuine Dell charger comes with 3 pin UK power cable , however if you purchase outside the UK from anywhere in Europe we will send a European 2 pin plug in replacement of the UK version to fit your country of origin.

Designed For

Inspiron 17R (7110), 15R 5110, M5030, N5030, 15 7567, 15 7577, 15 5576, 15 75XX, 7720, M5110, One 2020; Latitude 3340, E4310, E5430, E5440, E5520, E5530, E6230, E6320, E6330, E6420, E6430, E6440, E6530, E6540, E7240, E7440; Precision Mobile Workstation M2400, M2800, M4400, M4500, M4700, M60, M6700, M70, M90; XPS 14, 15, 17, E Port Plus;

This product is compatible with the following systems:

Inspiron 17R (N7010)

XPS 14 (L401X)

XPS 15 (L501X)

XPS 17 (L701X)

Latitude 2120

Inspiron N5030

Inspiron M5030

XPS 17 (L702X)

Latitude E6420 ATG

Inspiron 15R (N5110)

Inspiron 17R (N7110)

Latitude E5420

Latitude E5520

Latitude E6320

Latitude E6420

Inspiron 1525

Vostro 330

Vostro 3750

XPS 15 (L502x)

Vostro V130

Precision M4600

Latitude E6420 XFR

Latitude E6220

Inspiron N5040

Alienware M11x R3

Inspiron M5110

Latitude XT3

Vostro V131

Vostro 1540

Inspiron One 20 (2020)

Inspiron 14R (5420)

Inspiron 17R (7720)

Latitude E5430

Latitude E5530

Latitude E6230

Latitude E6330

Latitude E6430

Latitude E6430 ATG

Latitude E6530

Latitude E6430s

XPS 14 (L421X)

XPS 15 (L521X)

Precision M4700

Precision M6700

Latitude 3330

Latitude E6540

Latitude E7240

Latitude E7440

Precision M4800

Latitude E6440

Latitude E5440

Latitude E5540

Latitude 3340

Latitude Rugged Extreme 7204

Precision M2800

Inspiron one 20 (3048)

Latitude E5250

Latitude E5450

Latitude E5550

Latitude 14 Rugged 5404

Alienware Alpha ASM100

Alienware 13

Latitude E7250

Latitude E7450

Latitude 3550

Inspiron 17 7000 Series (7746)

Inspiron 14 5000 Series (5458)

Inspiron 5558

Inspiron 5551

Inspiron 7558

Inspiron 5755

Inspiron 5555

Alienware 13 R2

Inspiron 15 7000 Series (7559)

XPS 13 (9350)

XPS 12 (9250)

Precision 15 3000 Series (3510)

Precision 15 5000 Series (5510)

Latitude E7270

Latitude 7275

Latitude 11 (5179)

Alienware Alpha ASM-R2

Inspiron 15 7000 Series (7566)

Latitude E6520

Latitude 5490

Latitude 5590

Latitude 5290

XPS 13 9370

Latitude 3490

Latitude 3590