Headphone / Earphone Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate

Headphone / Earphone Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate
Our Price:  £9.90

Brand:  Beats Headphone

Headphone Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate

If you are not quite sure what's wrong with your Headphone bring or send it in. Once we receive the Headphone, our expert technicians will diagnose the issue, and get in touch with you. We can provide you a quote for the headphone repair, and then you can decide what you would like us to do with it, if you like to proceed with a repair we will fix it same day. If you choose not to proceed with a repair we will send it back to you.

important Note

The price covers only the initial diagnosis. In case a new spare part is required for a complete repair, you will be contacted by our customer service an new price will be proposed, which will include the price of the necessary spare parts and fitting. The diagnostic cost will be deducted from the cost of repair that's if you choose to proceed. If you decline the proposed repair, the initial fee will still be charged.

Walk-in or Mail-in repair service

We offer both a walk-in service as well as our trusted mail-in service. If you don't live near a cheshire repair centre, then you can send in your Headphone using our MAIL-IN service. Our certified technicians will diagnose the problem, repair your headphone  usually within 4 hour and have it returned to you.

If you would prefer to personally come in and drop off your headphone for repair, we offer fast and affordable walk-in service. most of our diagnostic walk-in repair service will take no longer than 4 hour.