iMac 6TB Hard Drive Replacement + OS X Reinstall Service

iMac 6TB Hard Drive Replacement + OS X Reinstall Service
Our Price:  £299.00

Brand:  Apple

Apple iMac 6TB Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade & Apple Operating System Reinstall Service

A bad hard drive can cause an assortment of different issues on your iMac. The more you use your iMac, the greater the chance that some of the key iMac system files have become corrupt and unstable. As you copy to and delete data from your hard drive your drive suffers from an elements of wear and tear and over a time the drive can fragment and fail.

If your Apple iMac has started to make unusual noises, stuck on a apple logo or running slowly, you may need to replace the iMac hard disk drive

Common Cause Of Apple iMac Hard Drive Failure

  • A flashing question mark on iMac screen

  • iMac powers up but no display

  • Hard drive makes clicking and loud spinning noise 

  • Errors when reading, copying, moving, or deleting data on the computer.

  • Extremely slow.

  • Operating system unable to boot.

  • Other random errors or computer reboots.

Repair Process

Upon receiving your iMac our engineer will run a diagnostic test on your hard drive to identify the cause of problem. If iMac hard disk faulty, we will backup your data if required to one of our systems, once this is complete we will then proceed to fit new hard drive and reinstall the iMac Operating System and install all the latest software updates. Once we have installed and updated the system we will then restore your data from the backup if taken, erase your data from our system and then return the iMac to you same day.

Fast Reliable and 100% Guaranteed

Repaired by Apple certified technicians and we use only original Apple iMac replacement parts in our repairs. We Offer one year guarantee on all off iMac repairs and our service is super-fast too with most iMac repairs being carried out in 4 hours (subject to part availability).

Walk-in Repair Service

We stock wide selection of Apple iMac spare parts and we can help replacing your iMac hard disk drive today 

Mail-in Repair Service

We repair Apple iMac from all over the UK, we accept iMac repairs from all around the country. If you are not located near Logifix repair centre you can still take advantage of our repair service. Turnaround is quick, typically in 24 to 72hrs, and all work is done in house to the same high standard as if you took the iMac to repair centre yourself.