Kensington iPod Car Charger 1 Amp

Kensington iPod Car Charger 1 Amp
Our Price:  £4.90

Brand:  Kensington

Kensington iPod Car Charger 1 Amp

Arrive at your destination fully charged with the Kensington PowerBolt™ 1.0 Fast Charge for Pod Classic, iPod Video, iPad Nano and iPod touch 4 the PowerBolt 1.0 Fast Charge for Apple iPod provides 1.0 Amp of power to quickly charge your USB powered iPod tablet from your vehicle’s power outlet. The innovative PowerWhiz™ technology automatically delivers the maximum safe charge for the fastest charge times available.


  • 1 Amp USB port
  • PowerWhiz technology automatically delivers the fastest safe charge
  • LED power indicator
  • Compact, low-profile design


  • Best For: iPod
  • Charges iPod (1 AMP)
  • Input: 10-18V DC, Output: 5V DC 1.0 Amp


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