LG G Pad V700 Screen Repair (LG V700 10.0-inch Tablet)

LG G Pad V700 Screen Repair (LG V700 10.0-inch Tablet)
Our Price:  £159.00

Brand:  LG Tablet

if your LG G Pad V700 screen is cracked or LG tablet inner screen (LCD display) has lines or blank, we provide fast and affordable same day LG G Pad V700 screen repair and replacement service.

We are expert at fixing LG G Pad V700 cracked, broken or damaged screens and our LG tablet screen repair service is super fast too, with most LG G Pad tablet screen replacement being carried out within 2 hour.

Why would you need LG G Pad V700 screen replacement service?

  • Cracked, smashed or broken screen

  • Unresponsive Touch Screen

  • Blank Screen - No Image

  • Flickering LCD Screen (internal screen)

  • Inky Black Spots on LCD Screen (internal screen)

  • Vertical or Horizontal Lines On LCD screen (internal screen)

Fast, Reliable & 100% Guaranteed.

All LG repairs are performed by our certified trained technicians who use only original LG replacement parts. We provide an extended 100-day warranty on all our LG screen repair.

Walk-in Repair Service

We offer a fast-tract LG G Pad V700 screen repair service, so you can get your cracked LG tablet replaced with brand new genuine LG screen under two hour with our walk in repair service.

Send your LG Galaxy Tab Pro to us for repair

If you are not very close to us and prefer to send your LG LG G Pad V700 by post then just simply use our Mail-in service. Once we receive your LG G Pad V700 mobile phone, we will replace your broken screen the day they arrive and return them by next day delivery to ensure you are not without your LG G Pad V700 phone for too long.